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Notes? Instead, design, experiment, and apply your newfound knowledges by completing your own projects under your instructor's guidance. 


Empassioned classmates make our virtual classrooms thrive. Students launch their own contests, create classbooks, and their own Discord channels. 


"...I really liked was your positive approach to writing in general! I usually don’t enjoy writing, but seeing your genuine passion helped change my perspective towards the subject. Now, I see that it is an experience and a way to show a part of yourself, which I will apply to my writing!"

"...very relatable as a teacher which made the learning environment more comfortable...teaching style is clear and effective yet also quite pleasant and easygoing."

"...I learned many elements of writing that I did not previously understand. In my writing, I started using a mix of shorter and longer sentences, showing the audience a story instead of telling, and being open-minded about my writing as well as my peer’s writing..."

"...I enjoyed getting to see other students work and their thought processes. It helped me see other people’s ways of approaching writing and grow as a writer..."

"...Even my mom said you were a great teacher!"

Essay Writing

with Minnie Zhang


7:30 - 8:30 PM EDT

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