Starts January 23, 8-week course

Saturdays - 10AM to 11AM ET

Recommended age: 13+

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In these weekend classes, students will learn about various business related terms regarding how to complete a task with a proper plan. They will get knowledge about how to complete or perform a task in an effective and efficient way. This subject includes all the processes and regular interactive sessions will be conducted regarding their performance evaluation. We will examine the fundamentals of business studies and then practice applying these sessions in practical life.



Isha has had tons of  business experience. She graduated from Maharshi Dayand University with a MBA and Banchelors of Commerce with Honors Degree. Isha loves to teach kids about business as she believes that they are the future of this world of management and marketing. In her free time, Isha loves reading books and painting.

student project:

Students will get to make their on business based on the concepts learned in class.


  • Week 1: Introduction 

    • Meaning and concept, forms of businesses, and emerging trends of businesses​

  • Week 2: Literature Review

    • Business environment, small business, national and international business

  • Week 3: Management

    • Concept and principles of management 

  • Week 4: Planning

    • Concept and principles of planning​

  • Week 5: Organizing

    • Delegation and decentralization

  • Week 6: Staffing

    • Meaning, process, training, and development

  • Week 7: Directing

    • Meaning and elements of directing​

  • Week 8: Controlling

    • Meaning and steps involved in controlling process​


This course is a combination of lecture, discussion, and interaction. During class, students will learn about all the basic and brief knowledge about the business and how all the things should be managed. Outside of class, students will prepare assignments and also create their own notes so that they can learn easily.

For Students to Remember:

  • You should be self-motivated

  • You should ask questions

  • You should be mature