Essay Writing

Tuesdays - 7:30 to 8:30 Pm EDT

This weekly course introduces students to the art of writing successful personal statements and writing supplements. We will analyze real-life personal statements, discuss brainstorming and revision techniques, and pick up a few unique writing strategies from a Scholastic Art & Writing 3-time national medalist. Learn to conquer the dreaded word limit!


Bonus: guest speakers accepted into Ivy League & other top-tier schools. Ages 14 and up.


Instructor: Minnie Zhang (

What students said 

"...I really liked was your positive approach to writing in general! I usually don’t enjoy writing, but seeing your genuine passion helped change my perspective towards the subject. Now, I see that it is an experience and a way to show a part of yourself, which I will apply to my writing!"

"I enjoyed the fact that this class doesn't only have lectures, after lectures, after lectures. It's has a bit of fun in it, better than lectures!"

"...I learned many elements of writing that I did not previously understand. In my writing, I started using a mix of shorter and longer sentences, showing the audience a story instead of telling, and being open-minded about my writing as well as my peer’s writing..."

"...I loved how interactive you made the class, we could do activities to enhance our learning and use the chat box to ask questions...You were also very relatable as a teacher which made the learning environment more comfortable..."

"...Even my mom said you were a great teacher!"

"I think that a part of why I like your class is because you give a reasonable amount of homework. That is a very good thing because I can complete the assignments without feeling stressed or like I have to do this gigantic pile of work..."