w/NEIL JianG, Buzz Online's Most 

Hardworking Student

Starts October 11th, 6-week course

Sundays - 6PM to 7PM ET

Recommended age: 10+

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Group Management has been around since the very start of humanity, it was extremely important then and it’s even more important today. Podcasts have been a constant in many of our lives, from talk show radios to storytelling! Since the start of Covid-19 and quarantine, global podcast listeners have increased by 42%, what better time to start a podcast than now! In this weekly course, students will learn about good group management skills and techniques, taking initiative, and much more.


Neil Jiang is an eighth grader in Massachusetts. He has attended all of Buzz Online's courses and enjoys every one of them. He is also the founder of Buzz Online's podcast and "The Buzz Hub", Buzz's discord channel. Neil is fascinated with airplanes and 3D modeling in TinkerCAD. During his freetime, Neil loves to swim, jog, and plan vacations with his mother.

student project:

Group project (3-5 members): Based on content taught from week 1-3, students will produce their own unique podcast episodes for Buzz Online. Each group will present their podcast at at the end of the course.

acquired skills:

• Soft skills: effective communication, collaboration, teamwork, flexibility, creative thinking, and leadership.


Central Topics

• Week 1: Introduction to Group Management

• Week 2: Being a Group Leader

• Week 3: Finding Opportunities

Preparing the Project

• Week 4: Starting Your Podcast

• Week 5: Exploring Unique Ideas

• Week 6: Showcasing Your Podcast

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