Competitive Biology courses are designed to introduce junior high and middle school students to challenging subjects in biology, from Human Anatomy to Biochemistry. We prepare students for high school level competitions such as Science Olympiad, USABO (Biology Olympiad), and Science Bowl.These courses are taught by our nations brightest high school students including USABO semifinalists, USNCO finalists, Science Olympiad National Medalists, published researchers, and ISEF finalists.


  • Anatomy 1: A course for students interested in studying human body systems involved in integration, cellular communication, growth, and motor response. 

  • Anatomy 2: A course for students interested in studying the body systems involved in regulation of blood composition and homeostasis. It may be taken simultaneously, before, or after Anatomy and Physiology I.

  • Biochemistry: A course for students interested in studying the integration between chemistry and biology through developing a solid understanding of structural biology, enzymology and metabolism.

  • Cell Biology: This course helps students develop a fundamental understanding of signal transduction, cellular communication, organelle structure and function, the cell cycle, and cancer development.

  • Genetics: This course focuses on helping students develop a core understanding of molecular genetics, DNA/RNA technologies, Mendelian and non-Mendelian genetic analysis, and linkage mapping.

  • Vertebrae Studies: This course will integrate concepts from all fields of competitive biology, including genetics & animal behavior, and will help students not only develop a comprehensive understanding of organismal biology, but exercise that knowledge in understanding vertebrate diversity.



Jason is a Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Finalist, an AJAS fellow, a Research Science Institute (RSI) '21 Scholar, and an independent biomedical research intern at the University of Colorado Boulder and NASA. Outside of research, Jason helped found and is currently the Board Director of ASPIRE Education Connections (ASPIRE Colorado, Inc.), a 501(c)(3) non-profit that aims to alleviate socio-economic factors in education by providing resources to students ranging from electronic devices to test prep books to college counseling.


Frank loves biology and research and believes that comprehension is the key to success. He is interested in synthetic spider silks and won the Grand Prize at iGEM 2019. He is also first authoring a preprint and co-first authoring a manuscript in preparation. He is a two-time USABO semifinalist, a USNCO finalist, and an RSI (Research Summer Institute) '21 scholar.


Stephanie is an avid biology and math enthusiast, and she is very passionate about bridging the educational divide. Stephanie is a Research Science Institute (RSI) scholar, Science Olympiad national champion, Math Prize for Girls invitee, USABO semifinalist, and author of the book Epidemiology Unmasked: An Introduction to Epidemiology in Public Health. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys reading biographies and listening to podcasts.

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