Novel Writing


7:30 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

We live in an age of instant information exchange, when most people express their ideas through a Tweet or a quick TikTok. But truly valuable ideas take time to develop and length to express. How do you develop a concept with depth, sophistication, and impact? In this weekly project-based course, published author and American Voice Medalist Alice Cai shares her personal experience and guides all students through the book planning, writing, and revision process. We’ll learn how to give and accept criticism, create brand new worlds, and execute a masterful idea. Bonus: three outstanding students receive personalized edits and critique.

Solo project course - students will write their own extended piece of writing (novel, short story, etc.)

Soft skills - developing a cohesive and extended idea, critical thinking, seeing the bigger picture

Hard skills - planning, writing, revision and editing process


July 5


  • Fleshing out your idea

  • Starting background research

  • Creating a timeline

  • Connections: market research, literature review in research

July 12

Chapter One - Outlining Your Story

  • Connections: business plan, research plan

July 19

Chapter Two - Creating Your Characters & Setting

  • Connections: product prototype, experimental design

July 26

Chapter Three - Writing Your First Chapter

  • Connections: product launch, experimental design

August 2

Chapter Four - Revision & Critique Process

  • Connections: beta revisions, troubleshooting experiments

August 9

Chapter Five - VIRTUAL FAIR

  • Podcast! featuring everyone's writing and experiences

    • podcast will be featured on website and social media​

  • Continue writing and updating Alice!