Online monmouth math competitioN


Starts Friday, February 26th to Monday, March 1st

Recommended age: Middle or High Schoolers

The purpose of OMMC, or the Online Monmouth Math Competition, is to give talented high school and middle school students an exciting and engaging way to develop their skills in mathematics. Students will have the opportunity to compete in teams, developing valuable teamwork and collaboration skills. In the competition, they will be able to solve thought-provoking challenging mathematics questions. Our current competition consists of 2 individual rounds and 1 team round administered over the span of 4 whole days, consisting of questions with similar difficulty as those posed on the well-established AMC 10/12 and AIME math competitions.

Topics on Contest:

The problems posed on the OMMC cover a wide and diverse variety of topics in mathematics. These include topics such as number theory, algebra, combinatorics, and geometry. To solve these problems, competitors must not only have a deep understanding of math, but also intuition and insight. The difficulty of these questions changes from round to round. Round 1 consists of a larger number of easier questions that must be solved within a comparatively short timeframe of 50 minutes, while Round 2 consists of a smaller number of more difficult questions that must be done in 120 minutes. Competitors will also be able to form a team of at most four and collaborate on the Team Round. The Team Round will be slightly more difficult than Round 2, and each team will be given 60 minutes to complete it.


Students must fill out paperwork. Sign-ups open on January 10th and close on February 20th. 

To be eligible, students must have:

  • Not yet received a high school diploma

  • Sent in their sign-up sheet prior to Feb. 20th 

  • Submit all consent forms with parent or guardian signature

The actual event will begin on February 26th, and all participants will be given four days to complete all rounds. However, each round will also have a time limit corresponding to it.



As a math competition, we have a commitment to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity, and we expect all competitors to do the same. Cheating in this contest, including using code, WolframAlpha, Desmos, etc., is extremely frowned upon, even if we do not have a way to enforce our no cheating policy. If any competitor and/or team is found cheating, their scores will be invalidated and they will be barred from future OMMC events. Refer to the OMMC rulebook for further details.

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Evan Chang: Evan is a freshman at High Technology High School in Lincroft, New Jersey. He is the Head of Content Creation and Revision for OMMC. He has participated in numerous math competitions over the years, including MATHCOUNTS, AMC 10/12, AIME, and USAMTS. He has been involved with the highly selective MathILy series of summer programs. He participates in the WOOT program on AoPS, you can find him as squareman on the online forums. Outside of mathematics, he enjoys composing music, and was one of 7 finalists in the prestigious MTNA National Composition Competition. In his free time, he enjoys solving puzzles and going on long walks.

Bill Fei: Bill is a freshman at West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High school in West Lafayette, Indiana. He is the Head of Advertising for OMMC. He has participated in numerous math competitions, including MATHCOUNTS, the AMC competition series, as well as programming competitions such as USACO. He takes the Worldwide Online Olympiad Training program (WOOT) held on AoPS, his username is Billert. He enjoys participating in Codeforces contests and likes to grow his rating. In his free time, he likes to play video games, test his clicking and typing speeds, speedcube, play tennis, and solve puzzles. He also plays piano and viola.

Ishaan Akula: Ishaan is a freshman at High Technology High School in Lincroft, New Jersey. He co-founded OMMC with Evan Chang in September of 2020, and is the Head of Partnerships and Website Development for OMMC. He often codes for the front end of web development, and is fluent in the programming languages Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Python. Outside of coding, he enjoys solving puzzles, playing chess online, competing in volleyball, and reading. One fun fact about him is that he won his regional spelling bee and qualified for the Scripps National Spelling Bee in fifth grade.