Personal Statement - Jessica L.

I was backstage at a dance competition in Kansas City, about to perform my duo. However, we were still really nervous about our performance. We didn’t get to practice it lately with our choreographer and were trying to get everything together just an hour before, and rehearsed all we could.

But misfortunes always happen. I hadn’t put on my earrings yet and there were only a few dances before we were going on the great stage. Frantically, I ran back to the dressing room.

I ran with all of my might. I finally got to the door, I opened the door… and whack! I felt a slight burn in my toe. Oh no! I looked down, and I watched my toe turn red and start bleeding.

Who did it? Coincidently, it was another frantic lady who was getting her child ready. She apologized, but now, that didn’t matter. Grabbing my earrings, I ran back backstage, putting the earrings on along the way.

I got there just in time, and I received news that we were about to go. No, there was no band-aid to help at the moment. We couldn’t find one.

As we performed, my toe started to hurt more than ever. But I took my time on my movements and did them all to their fullest. As usual, I used my musicality and performed my dance the best I could.

Later on at the awards ceremony, we ended up getting the contemporary category cup in the elite division and a double diamond for adjudication! We did very well, despite the small injury.

Apart from the great results, most importantly, I learned to live in the moment. Even when misfortunes get in the way, withstand them. You may be stronger than who you think you actually are.

I challenged myself to withstand the pain and keep on going although I wasn’t comfortable.

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