Updated: May 25, 2020

Author: Kevin Liu

in the jumble of numbers

I pick up one and

juggle it

crack it

squish it

then I combine it with others

making a gorgeous scarf

out of the intertwined numbers

like rings on a chain

I toss them around my shoulders

and it slithers between my ears

whispering connections

oiling the spinning gears

urging me to find its secret

but I can’t understand

not yet

so I look beyond the

folds of my brain

and I grasp at the link

that eludes me

and yet it sidesteps

and says

“chase me”

so I scramble after it

desperately snatching at it

but it taunts and teases

jeers and mocks

laughs at my sluggish mind

“chase me ”

but I can’t.

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