Project engage 
x Buzz online

January 15 - 17, 2020  

7:30 - 8:30 PM ET

Recommended for 3rd - 6th grade

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Don’t miss this. We’ve partnered with Project Engage to bring you Flash Fairy Tales, a fun filled three-day workshop. Our instructors will work hands-on with students to design and create their very own fairy tale flip books. After mastering essential creative writing skills like storytelling structure and vocabulary, students will write, illustrate, and decorate their own mini-fairy tale booklets. Students will also share and present their stories, providing a chance to enhance speaking skills and socialize with their age group. Featuring passionate instructors from Project Engage, as well as national award-winning writers from Buzz Online. 

Day 1 - w/ Minnie Zhang

Guided by nationally recognized writer Minnie Zhang, students will master storytelling structure, vocabulary, and more. Students will choose a fairy tale and begin crafting their stories. 

Day 2 - w/ AnNabel Tang & Sophia Phung

It's illustration time! Instructors will guide students in creating fairy tale characters like Big Bad Wolves, beautiful princesses, and evil witches. Students will work in small Breakout Rooms to illustrate and decorate their fairy tale flip books.

Day 3 - w/ Elizabeth Celentano

Presentation Day + Polls and more hands-on fun! 

instructor bios

instructors bios

Minnie Zhang is an incoming freshman at Brown University and an avid writer. She is a five-time Scholastic Art & Writing National Medalist and one of four in the nation to recieve the 2020 One Earth Award. She loves her dog and astrology. 

Elizabeth Celentano is a senior at Maggie L. Walker's Governor School who spends her time watching Netflix “dramedies.” She has volunteered as a coach for her younger sister’s youth basketball team, a babysitter and office aid for BBBS of America, and a teacher aid for the VCU Creative Arts Day Camp. She is currently a photographer and writer for Fringe Fashion magazine and Vice President of Students Against Climate Change. She's played softball for ten years, soccer for six, and basketball for six.

Annabel Tang is a sophomore at Maggie L. Walker's Governor School. She hopes to pursue a career in the public health or medical field and has volunteered extensively in the past with the American Red Cross and the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center in Richmond. She has played piano for nine years and has loved art and music for as long as she can remember.

Sophia Phung is a senior at John Randolph Tucker High School. Her hobbies include photography, traveling, and going on spontaneous adventures.