Where is your money going? It's important to know. We are 100% donation-funded. 

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has raised $1,700.

Received grants from Hershey's Heartwarming and ACA.

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We’re passionate about being able to provide accessible and engaging education, and we’re so grateful to share these moments with you. 

When we started Buzz Online, we were simply two teenagers offering free online courses for our community. We did not anticipate this interest or support! We also did not anticipate the monetary expenses needed for over 300 students. 

We hope you’re willing to help us meet our goals. We don’t want to make this a burden for you — we’ll continue to provide these free courses, because we really believe in what we do. Because of these principles, we are setting a 25$ cap per patron. We’re using PayPal (donations@buzzonline.org) to accept donations, because platforms like GoFundMe often charge hefty hosting fees. We want your dollar to go far — every donation counts!



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